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    Dealing with Casino Barring and Casino Security

    If you think that playing smart and winning are all it takes to survive in casinos, you're wrong. The work doesn't end there. When you become a smarter, better gambler capable of negating the house edge, your next task is - MAKE SURE THE CASINO DOESN'T NOTICE IT!

    That is something that many na´ve gamblers overlook. They get so excited with the idea and then the reality of winning that they forget the casinos are not happy about it like they are. Casinos love losers; they hate winners. Casino security can give a gambler a hard time and even eject him for simply being a smart player, even when he or she is doing nothing illegal. This is called casino barring. That has happened to many of the most successful gamblers in history.

    What is more, it is not only full-time advantage players and professional gamblers who are a target of such actions by the casino. Even "lucky" players who just happen to win big can be victims too.

    Casino security guards are like the bodyguards of politicians and other "important" people. They can be and often are abusive with their position. Understand that casinos purposely hire bullies for security guards since it is their job to harass players suspected of cheating (however the casinos define "cheating").

    To avoid casino barring and harassment, first thing you should do is to disguise what you are doing. If you are a card counter, for example, do your utmost to act normally. Practice card counting in a noisy environment and while talking with others at home, so it's easier to do in a casino.

    Now if you are winning on a roll, do your best not to let the pit boss notice you. Never make a show of your winnings just to impress others in the casino. Act like a loser. Hide some of your chips or "color up" if they are getting too numerous. No matter what, do not "announce" to the house that you've had a good night by any kind of demonstration. Also remember that some casinos let you exchange chips from other casinos for cash; so you can take those with you and cash in elsewhere.

    If it comes to the point when the pit boss or the casino security guards actually take notice of you and begin harassing you, keep your cool. Do not argue with them. If they give you a warning, take heed and try to hide what you do better. If they impose casino barring on you eventually, take your chips and go. Do not argue as it would be useless and you'd be trespassing if you stayed. Never let the casino staff take you to a private room where the public can't see you. The public eye is your best protection. In private they can use physical aggression on you if they want. Avoid violence as much as possible and NEVER give them the slightest sign or excuse to use it on you.

    Realistically, there is nothing that can be done about casino security abuse. The best thing you can do is avoid it. If a blow is coming and you know it, duck and stay out of the way.

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