Jebaco had filed a lawsuit against Harrahs claiming Harrahs did too little to protect the riverboat from the threat posed by Hurricane Katrina and then selling the riverboat to Pinnacle.

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Internet Gambling
August 03, 2007

The consensus of why internet gambling is still illegal for the most country is not really understood. Since, the net is clearly accessible for this game, there is no such way to prohibit this. Anyway, the gambling industry can contribute for the economic development. More

Gambling: Contemporary Legitimation
June 07, 2007

In postwar America, a series of events enhanced the social acceptability of gambling. These events, coupled with the improving public image of gambling, helped to resolve America's ambivalence toward gambling. More


Europe-Net has closed a deal with SkillOnNet Backgammon Gaming Platform, the world’s largest backgammon network.

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Britain Casinos
    Britain Casinos

    The new bill on the casino issue in the United Kingdom has split the nation in two divisive camps. There are those that are in favor of the bill, and there are those that are against the bill. The war has been raging in the press and in the House and it is doubtful whether any agreement will be found.

    The debate has its roots in the fact that in the United Kingdom casino style gambling is virtually unknown. There are no casinos in London or anything of that kind. The closest casinos that the staid Brits know of gambling is horse racing, which is of course very popular there. Known as a people resistant to change, the Britons won't let what they see as an “American” bill pass easily.

    Are racial differences all that bother those that oppose the bill, then? Not wholly. They have several good arguments that cannot pass as just fear of change. They argue that an abundance of Las Vegas style casinos will proliferate the gambling problem, and will encourage minors into gambling with their parent's money. This is already a serious problem in in England, where many children play in the online casinos without their parent's permission and spend many thousands of pounds.

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